Every student has a story to tell, and their inherent value as human beings makes each of their stories relevant and important. I lead with empathy in learning the individual strengths, goals, and hopes of my students to help them shape their artistic vision so they can tell their own and their communities’ stories. 
I want my students to leave my classroom as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and creators confident in their abilities to bring their artistic vision from their mind into tangible art. This is evident in the assignments I create prompting a specific goal (e.g., character movement), while allowing students to use their creativity to produce a unique project. I set high expectations for my students while being a partner to them in their learning process; to ensure my students strive to grow I allow them to make improvements to their projects and resubmit them at the end of the semester. I maintain an open door policy for my students and graduates which often leads to being able to support them in their coursework, jobs, and as they navigate life as new artists.

In class demonstration of stereoscopic cameras

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