Mark Reisch 3D Artist
I am a 3D Artist whose interests and areas of focus include character animation, modeling, virtual reality (VR), and Virtual Production in camera VFX (ICVFX). 
My animations have been seen in feature films, TV specials (including the History Channel’s Battle 360), shorts, two 3D IMAX films: Lions 3D: Roar of the Kalahari and Sea Monsters 3D a Prehistoric Adventure, and my personal film The Opportunity. I was part of the first team to successfully convert live action footage to 3D IMAX film.
I collaborated with Mari Jaye Blanchard on our first VR animated film, Swing, which is a blend of 2D, 2.5D, and 3D animation. I led the RIT Virtual Art Department in collaboration with ETC@USC on feature length virtual production film FATHEAD. I collaborated with Optic Sky Productions to help set up their virtual production stage in Los Angeles. Currently, I am merging virtual production and stop motion in a new project that will be completed in Fall 2022. 
I was fortunate to learn from leaders in our industry while completing my BFA in Computer Art from Savannah College of Art Design (SCAD), my Certificate in Advanced Animation Studies from Animation Mentor, and my MFA in Visual Communication Design from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). As a professor in 3D Animation at RIT, I strive to help each student bring their artistic vision to reality through engaging lessons, clear communication, honest critiques, and innovative collaboration in an empathetic and supportive environment.